It took eight Grands Prix, but finally in Monte Carlo the number 44 win came for Lewis Hamilton : the British driver gets his second victory in the Principality of Monaco, after the one caught in 2008, at which, as now, the world champion in office he started from third on the grid. Hamilton not crossed the finish line first by the Grand Prix of the United States last year, in Austin. Continues, therefore, the Mercedes domain in Monaco: the Brackley team’s fourth victory in a row in Monte Carlo. Behind him, the Red Bull driver, Daniel Ricciardo , who started from pole position.

It was certainly a Gp full of twists. The race took place behind the safety car, due to the intensification of rainfall in the Principality of Monaco. All pilots have chosen to mount tires extreme wet for the start of the race. Staying on track the safety car for 7 laps it seemed like an excess of caution: the track conditions did not seem prohibitive, and many pilots, including Magnussen and Hamilton, asked the return of the safety car in the pits.

Ricciardo has maintained the lead after the restart after the safety car regime. Behind him, Hamilton became immediately threatening behind Rosberg. The fight between Rosberg and Hamilton allowed Ricciardo to gain a considerable advantage over the two standard bearers of Mercedes. At this stage of the race, Rosberg was more than two seconds slower lap Ricciardo. The Australian has returned the box at the end of the twenty-second lap to mount intermediate tires, falling behind Hamilton, even with full wet. Ricciardo has resulted in pressure on Hamilton, without going over.

The unexpected, however, was lurking: Ricciardo , in fact, was heavily penalized during the second pit stop by his team of error. They were not ready to be mounted on the supersoft tires RB12 Australian, who has thus lost a lot of time during the stop, listening for the installation of their tires by mechanics. Ricciardo, however, he has not lost his nerve and was immediately launched pursuit of Hamilton , but could nell’affondo. The unexpected pits cost him de facto victory to Ricciardo.

Behind Ricciardo , Hamilton became immediately threatening behind Rosberg after the restart. Hamilton has passed his teammate during the seventeenth lap; It was the same Mercedes to ask the German to let him pass, having regard to the speed difference between the two. Hamilton attempted the venture, which proved successful, remaining on track with full wet tires until the thirtieth lap and extending so the 8 laps his stint compared to Ricciardo.

The mistake in the pits of Red Bull has allowed Hamilton to maintain control of the race after the break of Ricciardo. Hamilton then came under investigation commissioners for obstructing Ricciardo after the chicane around the fortieth session; anglocaraibico the pilot is no penalty was imposed, and Hamilton has skillfully managed the race.