Month: July 2016

31 Dodge HotRod

31 Dodge HotRod Around 3 years I started building my first hot rod, and although I’ve done lots of other projects, nothing was as large an undertaking as this. I pulled the car off the side of a building after a warehouse roof fell into it and it was in bad shape. Ive replaced the bottom 7″ of the entire car, part of the roof, firewall, front cowl, recut the rear doors so they’d open after doing a 7″ channel over the frame. I also chopped the top 4″ and made all the metal patch panels myself and through...

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Chroming an apple

in this video you will see an apple being chromed. This material is called HydroChrome, and made by FutureChrome. The hydrochrome is used for turning anything into chrome. its great for restoration work and making new items chrome, items such as, metal, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, even an apple. There looking for applicators so give them a call. When using Futurechrome there are no projects that can not be done. Futurechromes hydrochrome process is extremly simple and versatile but most importantly the quality is unbeatable. No matter what the item may be you will now have the ability to...

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