31 Dodge HotRod

Around 3 years I started building my first hot rod, and although I’ve done lots of other projects, nothing was as large an undertaking as this. I pulled the car off the side of a building after a warehouse roof fell into it and it was in bad shape. Ive replaced the bottom 7″ of the entire car, part of the roof, firewall, front cowl, recut the rear doors so they’d open after doing a 7″ channel over the frame. I also chopped the top 4″ and made all the metal patch panels myself and through trial and error I learned the right way to do it and get them fitted correctly. Ive boxed the frame, flipped the front axle and made a suicide perch for it. The drivetrain is a 396BBC with rect port heads, M21 Muncie, and a ford 9″. Wheels are original, but had them powdercoated and use large whitewalls, like youd see on a Packard, and have 4-wheel disc brakes backed up by Wilwood master cylinders hidden under the dash. There’s literally not one single inch of this I haven’t touched. I also taught myself bodywork and paint. My next project im midway through is a 49 Ford F6 COE car hauler with a Cummins diesel. Lots of custom touches on both, I just cant stop myself!


credit to– https://www.hagerty.com/yourstories/2016/03/21/31-Dodge-HotRod20160321024313